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What Yoda can teach you about running

What Yoda can teach you about running. Become a stronger runner and avoid the dark side.

As a “master” runner, I have been running for a long time, continually for more than 24 years now, so I have accumulate  a lot of  wisdom  and miles, most of it from failures and learning patience the hard way.


As a nerd and knowledge junkie, I am always looking for new themes, and new knowledge to absorb, in many topics, not only running, and I have been always fascinated for  the Star Wars saga and their life philosophy . Jedi life philosophy was based in Stoicism, and this is my favorite life philosophy.


You can learn all about it here, with Ryan Holiday , one of the writers that put stoicism again in fashion in this modern crazy era.


The “Hero Journey” that the Star Wars Brand have created, can definitely be applied to high performance mindset .

Here I share a little piece of Wisdom from one of the most loved characters of all times. Master Yoda.



What Yoda can teach you about running

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

You either are in for running and training or you are out.

Inconsistent training and pushing harder to compensate latter , missing days , dreaming instead of doing will lead you to injuries and poor performance. Motivation is limited . Discipline its the way of the force


“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Your believes and paradigms about running most likely are updated or mislead by marketing companies. What YOU need and how you should train as an athlete and recreational runner most likely will be different from a Pro or Elite Athlete .

Learn to break your mind barriers

  • “That is too hard”
  • “I need to training 3 hours a day,”
  • “ I need to run every day”
  • “I need to fuel every 45 min”
  • “I need those shoes to be faster”
  • “I need to drink that do endure”


“Patience you must have my young Padawan.”

We want everything FAST.

An easy and fast recipe for success. There is only one- Time, commitment and Discipline.

The weight, the Boston Marathon, The first marathon The PR……doesn’t come in a 12 weeks , half executed training plan.

Your body and mind need weeks, months and years to become better, stronger and efficient. Learn to enjoy the moment but plan for the future

Create a bigger picture with different stages for you health and athletic life 10 years from now.


“Control, control, you must learn control!”

  • No faster
  • No slower
  • Not Less
  • No more
  • No farther
  • No shorter
  • Do the workout in the way that was meant to be done
  • Trust your master.

“[Luke Skywalker:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

To reach your goals, you need to believe in yourself. But that is more easy to say than do it. Being accountable with yourself and believing starts when you first

  1. Find your Why ( The real why)
  2. Start small and easy
  3. Commit to the minimum and do it every day
  4. Small wins leads to big victories
  5. Learn to control yourself and be patience
  6. Set realistic expectations
  7. Think long term
  8. Have fun

“Much to learn you still have… my young Padawan.” …“This is just the beginning!”

To become a better runner it´s to become a better person.

Running it´s a journey not a destination. Learning what works for you , in each stage of your journey, in each decade of your life it´s an ongoing process. You will always have room for improvement . Be open to learn and unlearn all the time . What work for you 5,1 even 6 months ago may not be good now for you.


“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

Try and Try and fail many times.

The more you fail the more you will improve in the long term.

Try new paces, new food, new challenges, new distances run without water, without fuel, without your watch . Run in the cold, in the rain, push your limits and your “Limiting believes”.

“To Be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle, or the night.”

Set realistic expectations. Accept where you are in your running or fitness journey. And start from there. Be humble, Be patience, Be real.

You can choose to embrace the journey, or lie yourself about it.

Remember, you can cheat your mind, but can not cheat your body. Your body knows the truth.

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May the Force Be with You


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