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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I’m not a doctor or a health professional.  I’m a USA Track and Field certified coach RRCA  Runner Coach a NASM Master Personal Coach and runner  since 1997.
The use of  (“the site”) means you abide by these terms of service and agree to these disclosures.
The articles and material  provided here is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. The information contained in this site should not be used to diagnose or treat any illness, disease, or health problems.
Any injury or disease is best handled by your physician or health care provider, whom you should also consult with before beginning any nutrition or exercise program. Use of the programs, advice, coaching services, products and other information contained in this site or through email with Ilya Sandoval ( is at the sole choice and risk of the reader. has several monetization strategies in place . There is no paid advertising, but there are affiliate links to running and fitness products that I believe in. I only promote products that I have used or trust 100%. Assume that any link to a product is an affiliate link.
I also provide coaching services through the site. By using this website and any coaching service (“Personalized Training Plans,” “Coaching One on One” or any other program or service not listed above) you hereby forfeit any and all claims, past, present, and future, against the owners, editors, contributors, administrators, and other staff of Runner Gene  LLC  and Instarunners LLC and

1. Intellectual Property

1.1 The contents and design of the Website, Subscription product and Single product and any other materials sent to you (the ‘Content’) are the property of Ilya Sandoval, Instarunners LLC and RunnerGene LLC. You may not use or reproduce, or allow anyone else to use or reproduce any trade marks, such as a Website logo, for any reason without written permission from Runner Gene LLC.

2. Use of Runner Gene Content

2.1 The Content is strictly for personal, non-commercial use. You may display the Content on a computer screen or mobile device, print individual pages and store them in electronic form on your computer or mobile device for your personal, non-commercial use.
2.2 You may not copy, reproduce, record, modify, transmit to any other website, remove trademark or copyright notices from, or commercially exploit the Content, except as stated above, and without written permission from Runner Gene LLC.
2.3 To request permission for Content use not specifically permitted in the Terms please contact

3. Passwords and your Personal Information

3.1 Access to certain areas of the Website may only be open to registered users or subscribers. Each registration and subscription is for the personal use of the registered user or subscriber only. You may not share your username and/or password with any other person. You may not share or transfer your subscription.
3.2 In the case of Club and multi-user license subscriptions, each person named on the subscription order will be responsible for the use and security of their own personal username and password.
3.3 You are responsible for the use of the Content using your username and password. You agree to immediately notify Runner Gene LLC if you become aware of the loss, theft or unauthorized use of your username and/or password, or unauthorized use of the Content.
3.4 You are responsible for keeping your personal information, including your email address up to date and your username and password secure.
3.5 If a registered user or subscriber is found in breach of the Terms, Runner Gene LLC may cancel or suspend access to the Website without further obligation to you.

4. Subscription and Single Product Orders

4.1 By submitting an order on a Ilya Sandoval, Runner Gene LLC, you (‘Customer’’Customers’) agree to these terms for supply of Runner Gene Products offered by Runner Gene by Ilya Sandoval.
Your contract with us is made only on the first to happen of:
4.1.1 we give you access to your product or course
4.1.2 we authorise you to download a Product
4.1.3 we provide paid-for access to Content online
4.1.4 you have sent a completed instruction to us and paid for the Product you have ordered, and we have provided access to the Product/sent you the Product or a link to download the Product

5. Terms of delivery

5.1 Subscription products are delivered online, via the product website for the specified subscription period. Subscribers are emailed when new content is added to the website. Any free gifts provided with a subscription are download only and sent directly to the subscribers account area.
5.2 Single products are available in digital (E-book) or PDF . Training Plans and E books are delivered via email. The email includes a link for the customer to view and download their E-book/ .
5.3 Runner Gene is not responsible for non-delivery of Subscription products and/or E books due to circumstances beyond its control, such as filtering of Runner Gene email by email blocking services, the movement of email to junk or spam folders, an error in the email address provided to us, or you did not provide us with an updated address.

6. Order processing

6.1 Runner Gene will process your order as promptly as possible but does not guarantee a specified time. Your order will be accepted by us once we have verified your payment and delivery details. The fulfillment of a Subscription product does not signify acceptance.
6.2 When you place an order, you must provide us with complete and accurate payment information. By submitting your payment details you confirm you are entitled to use those payment details for this purpose. If we do not receive payment authorisation from the issuing bank/payment provider or authorisation is subsequently cancelled we may immediately rescind or suspend your subscription and/or website access.

7. Renewal

7.1 Automatic Renewal
7.1.1 Unless specifically stated at the time of order, you agree your Subscription products will be automatically renewed at the end of the initial subscription period, and subsequent periods thereafter (as selected by you on the Subscription product order: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months), using the initial payment method. Unless you cancel your subscription in advance of the renewal date, your credit card, bank account or PayPal account will be automatically charged, at the then prevailing rate, which may be changed from time to time.
7.1.2 You will not be notified in advance of a payment being taken. Unless requested in writing you will not be sent a receipt for successful renewal payments taken.
7.1.3 If your renewal payment is declined by the issuing bank, credit card provider or PayPal, you will have 30 days to provide a new payment mandate or your subscription will be cancelled. If the subsequent charge is successful and we receive payment within the 30 days, your subscription period will be based on the original renewal date and not the date the subsequent payment is taken.

Important Notice about Health and Weight Loss

Typical weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per   week. In overweight individuals, weight loss of up to 1% of total bodyweight per week is more common. Faster weight loss in the first 1-2 weeks is common but usually represents water weight loss, not body fat. Faster fat loss is possible, but not likely, safely .
New FTC rules stipulate that I must disclose every time I have been compensated for something: a free t-shirt, an interviewee grabbing the lunch bill, a free product to review or affiliate link.
Please assume that for everything on Runner Gene , the FTC disclosures on this page are all true. I.e., review products were provided for free, meals were comp’d, links are affiliate links, etc.
Thanks for bearing with me as I abide by these new rules.  They are designed for your own protection in the interests of full transparency.

Thanks, Ilya

Thanks for reading.  Help me spread the joy and wisdom if you like it , please share, comment and subscribe¡.

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