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Running From Zero to Change your Life

13 tips that will make you reflect.

Running From Zero to Change your Life

When I started running 24 years ago, everything was SO easy.
Start running was simple: Be discipline, Put on the miles, work hard. Drink water.  Period.
Now it´s the most social activity.  And That´s amazing, but lead us to SO much misinformation .
This is not your typical advise. No run with your heart BS.  Marketing lines doesn’t help when you are running.
  • You can cheat your mind. You can not cheat your body. Your body knows what you put on it, EITHER  the miles or food.

Gatorade, Power bars,  didn’t exists. .we didn’t fuel with sugar every 30/40  minutes. for example.

Let´s start a realistic approach to running, one that really change lives.

Its not running with your heart, it running with intelligence that makes running FUN.

Running it´s in our DNA, I don’t think that there is any other sport that you can feel  within a few weeks of practicing it , that you got it.
You quickly feel APT . Strong and fast and gives you the sensation than running a marathon it´s a piece of cake. Yet we , RUNNERS , are  slower and  more unfitted than ever.
  • The Running Industry and Marketing agencies  has taken advantage of that feeling , promoting The “Running Change my life motto” .

Every sport can change and enrich your life.  Every healthy habit that you adopt will change your life, We are build for movement, we were suppose to be nomads.  We are slowly dying  watching Netflix  .
Running is everywhere, and information its available just within a few tabs  , but having the feeling of KNOWING because you read an article in Runner´s world, and truly  comprehend running and heath concepts and being able to  EXPLAIN  them or APPLY them within yourself or others   are 2 different things.

I am sharing here some  common misconceptions that we have about running.

Part One was posted last week. Let´s start running from zero to change your life with this tips.


    • YET The key word here is RUNNING. Running is DIFFERENT than Walking.  Its consider running when BOTH FEET ARE  IN THE AIR and following the “Running POSE”.  So first you need to learn to  run all the time, no waddle. Not imitating running. That leads to injuries. You either walk or run. No middle terms


    • Walk breaks erase fatigue, speed recovery  and reduce injury. Walk breaks can also serve the purpose  of keeping an easy run easy and when you are learning to run faster, taking walk breaks helps to delay the lactic acid  build up, and MENTALLY helps you resume  the intended pace without feeling “pain” while start running again.


    • Setting the bar realistically while choosing  a training plan starts knowing your general  health, as doing to much to soon when you are  overweight will lead to injuries. If you are overweigh, running it´s a fast way to burn calories, 30-40 min will do it,  while following a healthy food regiment and portion control, but it will turn against you if you start adding miles. You will feel hungrier, and get injuries due to the excess of weight.

BMI Chart for starting to run easily

Understand Your Why´s 

    • Running is an individual sport, that has become a social event.  Running will teach you humility the hard way if  you don´t have a clear purpose.   If you enjoy the social part, more than the “training” part, act accordingly and don´t push yourself to “Marathon participation” just because in your  mind a “real runner”  has to run a marathon or run fast.  Running JUST FOR FUN  AND HEALTH IS PERFECTLY  VALID AND TOTAL AWESOME .

Constancy is the name of the Game  .

    • Running as everything worth requires constancy and patience, running low mileage (1-3 miles) every day will help you discover if  running is really for you. Don´t force yourself, gains take time.

market calendar with an x

You are Unique .

    • Your age, gender, lifestyle health, available  time for training, and your genetics make you UNIQUE, the best training plan it´s the  one that is created based on YOU.

Giving your 100% will get you Injured

    • Training is exactly that, train your body for the hardness for a race, or to become more efficient ,better , stronger and faster.  Healthier. But growth it´s not linear. Requires UP´s and Down´s, trial and error, adjust strategies  and DIFFERENT INTENSITIES. You can not go hard all the time.

Slow is the new sexy.

    • Avoid to get caught in the “ I am fast social media trend” The first thing that we need to learn is that going “slow” or at 60-70 % of our max HR, make us healthier, improves basic endurance and fat burn. We should spend at least 90% of our runs in that range as new runners.

You are not an Elite Runner, don´t eat like

    • One Paradigm/ Hard truth to digest: Our bodies are a perfect machine, that It´s build for ENDURANCE. You don´t erase million years in evolution or our biology changed just because Gatorade appeared in 1965 and the first food bar in 1986, and now you NEED to fuel every “X” time. You don´t need ANYTHING before 2 hrs. of training as a RECREATIONAL runner. We get dehydrated only after 2 hrs. of HARD training. You feel bad, because you are not training correctly. The problem its not fueling, it feel hard because  adaptations takes time. Lots of time.

Routines Rocks, Patience Rules

    • We are what we repeatedly do . Creating night and morning rituals facilitates our “brain decisions” and help with your motivation.  Every person it´s different , a new habit or routine will become automatic between 21-90 days, and that totally depends on you and how much you really value that action. It takes between 8-12 weeks to see and feel results for new workouts / practices. So 12/18 weeks of training for “ Your first Marathon” is absurd. Developing patience is vital in any sport and healthy lifestyle philosophy.

Running Math 101

    • Nobody tells you  that an endurance training plan of 12-18 weeks assumes that you already has a RUNNING B ASE and that you run regularly . For a new runner , a running base means at least 8 months of continue running for 3-5 miles 4-6 days a week as a bare minimum. THEN, you can jump in to a half marathon training, with increased millage of 10% each week -regulating pace and distance depending of your results and performance. That approach helps you run injury free.

Yoga is not for Runners.

    • Yoga for runners it´s as absurd as saying that there is a Running class for Soccer or for American Football players. As a new runner, you need to focus in learning to run, ( both feet in the air, RUNNING POSE,) MOBILITY , gaining full range of motion , warm up and cool down GENTLY. If you have Body Unbalances, (we all have them) this is the time to address them with a professional , and work on them, not Yoga.
  1. Your Garmin Doesn´t Lie
    • The accuracy of every HR Watch its excellent, but most of the time , we never pay attention to the RECOVERY HOURS that we need. Our HR variability shows how fast or slow we are recovering from one day to the other. What we eat, drink (alcohol) and how much we sleep or activity we had, affects our recovery ours not only our training. Take it seriously and you will become fitter faster.

This are key concepts that will  help you enjoy a more smooth ride to start running.

My best suggestion to start it´s find a coach and by a Garmin


Here is another interesting article for you Key Running Metrics . Be healthier stronger faster


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