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Running Anatomy- A simple guide to your best runner body

Running Anatomy , book review

Running anatomy book, delivers a very attractive and simple guide for getting in your best running body

This book talks about simple key concepts that every runner must master. A fast and interesting reading.

For sure you have seen the exercises presented in this book before in many places or training plans, but the book explains how to do them, the name of the muscle that you are working and how that muscle helps in your running efficiency and form.

It’s you are a newbie in the sport; It’s a great starting point.  If you don’t do any or little strength training, you have 48 exercises for the entire body that you can practice tomorrow, either at the gym or at your home with very little investment.

And if you are a dedicated runner, it would help you understand where the muscles are, their names, and their functions. So, will be easy to explain, if you are injured,  where it’s the pain and name it, and understand the lingo of any Sport Medicine professionals when talking to them.


Every single muscle is connected, so having a strong body, not only strong legs, is basic for long-term health.


Running Anatomy explains:

  • Anatomy
  • Building a training base
  • Understanding GAIT CYCLE
  • The difference between WALKING AND RUNNING – It’s not a matter of fast or slow; it’s a matter of biomechanics.
  • Basic running drills
  • Building a training base and the differences for each training phase
  • Central governor model. Understanding the concept of mind over matter


Then the book breaks down in how to train the different body parts.

  1. Feet and Ankles
  2. Legs
  3. Core
  4. Shoulders and arms
  5. Chest and back

Excersise Bride with leg kick

And finally explain the most common injuries for runners.

I enjoy the practical, simple and to the point advice along with the great and clear illustration.

Hope you enjoy it too.

you can find Running Anatomy book here

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