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Roll Recovery R8–The foam rolling luxury tool that you really need

Roll Recovery R8–The foam rolling luxury tool that you really need.

In the last 2 articles about recovery and foam rolling, we talk about creating a strong health routine, one that help us to be at the top of our game and help us “prevent” injuries. Today, I am reviewing Roll Recovery R8

Prevention and recovery go hand by hand with an athletic lifestyle.  That’s why I put so much emphasis in foam rolling, reviewing gadgets, books and tools that help us with recovery.

As I wrote before, creating Intentional routines to help us be at the top of our game and can take less than 10 minutes.

roll recovery R8 example

Foam Rolling helps us to:

  • Increase flexibility, mobility, and circulation
  • It reduced muscle tightness soreness one, two, and three days after the running routine.
  • Releases fascia and remove trigger points
  • Foam rolling also resulted in a small but significant increase in quadriceps range of motion.
  • Foam rolling can give your recovery a potent boost and allow you to run better in subsequent workouts.

Roll Recovery R8 Foam Rolling is an amazing, practical, and complete tool for recovery.

As with every recovery tool, the first step is start small and slow, if you are new to foam rolling, the first steps its learning how that works, the correct way to do it, and start foam rolling every single day.

Starting slow and regularly, it’s the key. Most people find foam rolling to complicate and painful as the “correct” way to do it is using your own body weight and lay on a foam roller.

Using the R8 for the first time

Doing too much too soon can cause more pain than help, and you can bruise your skin, as there could be much soft- tissue trauma.

One thing I like the most of the Roll Recovery R8  it’s that you can have different pressure rollers and start with a “gentler” approach and still have a great massage.  As you can try different attachments.

custumize the Roll Recovery R8

Roll Recovery R8 changing the rolls

What is the Roll Recovery R8?

The R8 is a spring-loaded, deep tissue massage roller.

It’s very practical and mobile, for using at home or while traveling.  The R8 Pro  is  a patented tool, the roller self-adjusts for different body sizes and targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, gluteus, arms and more. Also takes the work out of rolling and is compact enough to take anywhere.

One thing I enjoy the most, it’s that you can foam rolling everywhere.

With a traditional foam roller, well you need to lie down, with the Roll Recovery R8 Pro, you can foam roll in a smaller space, like a car, in the airport while waiting to a board, on the airplane.

it’s portable and do no need tons of space to do it or move, in your plain sit its more than enough for an average size person.

Roll recovery in a back pack

The R8 Pro give you a deep tissue massage without you needing to put the pressure. Which is a kind of cool, because you  cannot cheat? So, if you are new, well yes it will feel a little (or a lot) painful but definitely helps recover faster, and do the serious hard work.

The R8 uses two parallel rollers attached to a handle that clamp together over your muscles. It’s most effective on the quad, hamstring and IT-band area.

The rollers are about 6 inches long and each have four ribs, which is a more effective shape for getting deeper into the muscles. The two rollers pull apart with handles on the outside so you can position it around your leg

At the begging, feels a little difficult to use, as you must clamp over your leg at first, and the single pressure setting can be intense on tight areas, but it was a great tool for prolonged pressure and easy massaging post-run. All I had to do was pull it up and down my legs, and it took care of the squeezing by itself. Another cool aspect it’s that works on both sides of your legs at once.

The more you use it, the less it hurts and the better it feels

Other thing that is impressive, beside the great massage, it’s their constructions, it looks and feels as a great quality product that will last forever. Solid, and a beautify clean designs.  It’s a patented tool and an FDA Registered Medical Device.

The portability it’s a great addition you can take it everywhere and you won’t have problem passed it through TSA.

Now, let’s talk about something important: Price. The way I value my gadgets its: quality, function, durability and price.

And if you are a kind of “lazy” for recovery work, well this is a tool that will help you do it and do it often as it takes the “hard work” from you.

The R8 Pro cost $129 dollars, some people may say that it’s pricy, but I say  NO it’s not.

A lulu lemon $80 dollars short or $120 dollars leggings are PRICY, as does nothing FOR YOU. It’s a status garment, and sorry, your butt looks great if you work out, not for using expensive clothing.

A tool that helps us be healthy, prevent injury and maybe expensive 100 dollars therapy session, has a fair price for their value.

Take your health seriously.

Tools for health are recovery are essential. Fashion, it’s not. This is not a fashion item, it’s a tool for your health and performance. How much do you value that?

This is a recovery tool, but most important I see it as a PREVENTIVE TOOL.  We can spend thousand of dollars in running clothes, races and shoes. But that doesn’t prevent injuries. And if we are injured, well we cannot run and use all those beautiful accessories, clothes and shoes, right?

So, if you are serious about your run, health and performance. The Roll Recovery R8 Is a wise investment.

You can find 15 dollars foam rollers you will not use. Or you can invest in a tool that it will help prevent an expensive visit to the doctors and use it.

And the last thing that I like, and it’s important for me, it’s that they created this little tool BY RUNNERS FOR RUNNERS.

Adriana and her husband both are Profesional Elite Runners, and create Roll recovery for them, so they know what they are doing.

I love buying products and helping small companies created by Runners, so we can build this amazing community stronger.

Go to Roll Recovery site for great videos about how to use the tool and read their story. 

Thanks for reading.  Help me spread the joy and wisdom if you like it , please share, comment and subscribe¡.

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