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RnR Seattle Half Marathon

RnR Seattle Half Marathon- Hills, Coffee and Romance

If you want to experience the romantic, foggy,  gray and rainy, elegant weather .. Well you are in the correct place.

Seattle …What a wonderful city.

But I must be honest, traveling in my passion, so every-time I am in a new city is an exciting experience. I enjoy new experiences, don’t you?

I knew Seattle through romantic movies as Sleepless in Seattle or Fifty Shadows of Gray (Those movies are fantastic for a raining afternoon with popcorn, wine, and chocolate) so I was eager to experience it.

It was beyond my expectations. Love the quiet, modern, elegant look of the city.


The best weather for running, so I couldn’t ask for more. It did rain a little, but nothing that could prevent us from enjoying the city or run.

Our first stop was to have lunch, is the famous Din Tai Fung

Feeding each other with a delicious Taiwanese comfort food it’s the best way to start a weekend (romantic) running getaway.


After our yummy meal, we headed to the expo. This race has a remix challenge, so we pick up our bibs for Saturday 5k and Sunday half.

The bib picks up was next to the Seahawks Stadium, so I have the opportunity to have a look at, and  it buy a team t-shirt for my son.

I love American football, and even that I am a Patriot Fan, the others teams that I like and admire are Seahawks and Green Bay.  After the expo, we went to the hotel to get ready for Saturday 5k.

Hellouuu #Seattle #rnrsea first time here!! So excited!!

Saturday 5 k was at The Museum of Flight, the morning was a little cold for my taste, but the race was so fun, as we had the opportunity to run through the museum between super cool airplanes the first 1 mile, so lots of stops and pics were taken.

The 5k is flat and fast, but not scenic, just a 2.5 loop back and forth near the museum, but that part it’s cool, so it is worth. Running through airplanes will make you feel like a little kid again.


I feel so blessed to be able to meet so many amazing running and new friends, (or long time running buddies) in each race, Glad that I finally meet @allyruns

After the race, we visit The Museum of Flight, which offers free entrance to all race participants. Again … who doesn’t want to be an astronaut, right?

After the race, we were so hungry, so we headed to had an excellent breakfast at Dahlia Lounge.

The french toast just melts in your mount and warms your heart after a little cold 5k.

Seattle has so many places to visit and just walk by and enjoy the city and the beautiful architecture.

After the breakfast, we went to the farmers market. Naturally, we visit THE FAMOUS FIRST STARBUCKS COFFEE shop

The smell of fresh fish…. coffee and the flowers … it’s an eclectic awesome combination that you will enjoy experiencing. 

After walking at the farmers market, we took the ferry to Bainbridge Islan

What a romantic view of the bay and Seattle,

Bainbridge Island is a beautiful little place where local wineries offer wine tasting, and you can find many delicious foods, to enjoy a calm evening, walking and tasting yummy food.


If you have a sweet tooth, well this little shop was the most fun selection of toffee and chocolates. 

I never missed an opportunity to try new wines and cheese, so we had a fun afternoon walking and tasting all kinds of food.

For dinner we want something close our hotel, The Westin Settle, we decided to walk by a high rate pizza place that offers gluten-free pizza.

Oh, my!! So, if you are not an American, make sure you have always carried your passport with you in Seattle because they don’t accept any other kind of ID, (no international driving license), and if you are an American, they don’t take passport ID cards, so be aware.

We chose Rocco’s for their higher reviews, and it was close to the hotel, but hey, I couldn’t enter Rocco’s, we order to go, Rocco’s has the best pizza in town, as reviews say, and a “normal” gluten-free pizza.

Sunday morning had the perfect running weather, and the race was SUPER SCENIC and fun, yes, it is super hilly and challenging, but at least for me, it’s what’s running is all about. Different experiences and challenges,

3 words for RnR Seattle Half: AMAZING HILLY SCENERY


I Wouldn’t recommend running the full, because, with all the hills, it became a really tough challenge, besides the 26.1 miles, but if you are into toughness, this is your race babe.

If you are a recreational runner, planning to race the Marathon, plan to add maybe 20-30 minutes of your regular marathon time, if you are a speedy bee, think 3- 5 minutes more of average time, If you want to PR, the corral one its the answer, otherwise its super crowd.

The half is fun and challenging enough, so I love it and enjoy the entire race, I wasn’t racing this time, so I walk, took pictures and videos, but  i would love to come back next year to “race it and give my best.”

My best time lately for a hilly race was 2017 Nashville (hilly and humid) at 1.47, so let’s see how Seattle tread me next year if I race it.


The Finnish line it’s the space needle park, it’s a beautiful park, where you definitely can spend many hours, eating, resting, taking pictures, visiting the museum, sculptures and the space needle. One of my favorites finishing places of RNR races for sure.


The weather was a little cooler after the race, so be sure you bring with you, your running bag and a set of changing clothes for after a run, the other way you will suffer.

UPS Carries all your belongings so you won’t have any problem with your packs

As you know, I love to race and collect a different kind of medal, and one thing that I enjoy so much about RNR Races its that they change their designs each year.

After the half, we went for breakfast and then to an AMAZING SPA called Banya5, I like a lot, besides the excellent service, it is that it a mix spa so that you can hang out with your partner and friends, without separations between sexes.

They said they have the coldest pool in town, and they have this route of cold and hold pools, vapor, and sauna, that it’s amazing

I experience everything but the -0 degrees pool. I do not like extreme cold in all my body, at the same time, I can immerse myself in just ice bathtubs after a marathon (thanks to good I don’t need any particular treatment/recovery after half’s) from my waist to my toes, but not all my body.

Anyway, the experience was fun and relaxing, and I recovered you to visit this spa if you have the opportunity.

Our “Regard Meal” was in this delicious Greek Restaurant called LOLA


Sunday afternoon and Monday was for site seeing before went back home. Walking, and just enjoying this romantic and beautiful city


So we walk to have breakfast at the Cafe Champagne, then walk to the Olympic Sculpture Park


Then enjoy a nice lunch and relaxes evening at the beautiful The Lounge Edgewater Hotel

A visit to the Fremont Troll was mandatory, so we head there before the airport.


I had a fun,  relaxed, romantic and beautiful weekend in Seattle that I am eager to come back, sure Seattle will become one of my favorites cities to experience.

Will you join me next year in RnR Seattle?{:}{:mx}


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