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RnR San Francisco Half Marathon

RnR San Francisco Half Marathon, the best place to train for hills

Definitely, San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. It’s in my top 10 in the USA. I got to run the last Nike Women’s Marathon in 2013.

Between High hills, some cold and thick fog, in which you could barely see the runner in front, a marathon that must have been scenic became monotonous, finishing tired, and like “I was missing something.”

General Experience

This time it was not like that. My first half marathon of the year as a Rock N Roll Blogger, for the second consecutive year, I started it in San Francisco.

Wow, the experience was Simply incredible. Rock and Roll Always put a lot of work on the organization of their events, and as always, this time everything went perfectly.

The Expo

The Expo compared to other cities of the Rock and Roll Tour is quite calm, and it is super-fast to pick up your race bib. You can walk calmly and try samples and find what you need.

On Saturday we picked up our race number and went to meet up the @procompression team, my favorite brand of compression socks for running, and to greet my friends. (If you loved my socks, this is the place to buy them)


The flat runner is a most for me for every race, its that kind of running ritual that I really enjoy on social media.


RnR San Francisco – Race Day

At 5.30 am on race day, we meet again with our friends early before the start. On this occasion, we also enjoyed the VIP area, and it is a great experience. You have nearby parking, so you do not have any pressure to find a place.

In the morning, the VIP area was in the Hard-Rock cafe, with full breakfast, eggs, bacon, fruit, coffee or tea, water an excellent service, warm and cozy, great bathrooms, so we chat comfortably while we waited for the start of the race.

The Route

This year the race had a new route, and the weather cooperated to make a fantastic run, genuinely incredible.

One of the differences in the route from previous years, which weighed the most is that they did not close the Golden Gate for the runners, but you had to run through the pedestrian crossing, which prevented that there were spectators in that part of the route.

Even so, running over the bridge is a great experience.

Being San Francisco, my first RnR race in that city, the route seemed super fun to me, just going through the bridge and touring the city, with such beautiful landscapes, excellent organization, weather, spectators, running through the “Blue Mile,” that honor the Military.

It was very moving. The route is not flat, but I expected it to be more difficult.

I had the opportunity to run with several friends from #werunsocial, so the miles flew by. We took lots of pictures and video, and the atmosphere and all the support during the race, the music bands, the mile markers and the support of spectators was a 10.

For me this race it was just a fun run, I stopped to take pictures, record videos and just enjoy the fantastic view of the most representative places in San Francisco.

Is the course for PR?

Is it a race to achieve a personal PR? I would say yes if you are used to running rolling Hills.

In a relatively small race, so it does not matter which corral you are it, nobody really bothers you to run at the pace you need.

The weather in San Francisco at this time of year is pretty good, close to cool – cold, so it’s not a significant factor, and the route only has two significant climbs, so it can be a good option to test the strength of your legs and your speed.


The Finish Line

The finish line allows you to stay in the area, rest, have breakfast and enjoy the Beer Garden and beautiful views of San Francisco. The live band at the end always creates a festive atmosphere.

After the race, the VIP area was again at the Hard Rock Cafe, with an excellent buffet, Mimosas, the company of my love and friends, so, what more can a girl ask for, right?

This year, RnR the new design in of the medals it’s really cool, and as you know, I am FAN of the beautiful medals, so I love it. Also, it’s fantastic that they have the big size medal for the obligatory photo with your number or your finisher medal, a #medamonday favorite for sure.

RnR San Francisco Conclusion

In short, excellent super scenic route, challenging but fun, beautiful city and medal, so RnR San Francisco should be on your bucket list.

The City


The city , What can I say about San Francisco that has not been written yet? I just love it. As you walk through its streets, you feel the history, culture, and modernity of a great metropolis.

Having the opportunity to run through the Golden Gate, the most Iconic place is terrific. Visiting Alcatraz is an experience you should not miss, as you walk through the empty cells, you will feel the weight of all the stories that were lived in that famous Prison.

Sitting down to enjoy Mimosas in the Ferry Building, after a long walk and enjoy the farmers market with delicious food and local crafts is a delight.


San Francisco streets are impressive as a runner, or just as a tourist. To see the height of its streets, the Hills and rolling hills that the whole city has, and you cannot help but think … mmm, how fast can I run that hill? Could I be running it without stopping? Would I crash on the pavement while running downhill?


Taking a photo in the famous Haight Street is essential and a must.   Eat Wo or Hudon in China Town; it is a delight, a clam chowder, and lobster in Fisherman’s Wharf, in one of the restaurants of Pier 39 is a must.

Enjoy art on Lombard Street, with its sculptures, graffiti, and colorful art galleries is a pleasure for your eyes.


Sit down to have a drink in some of its many wine bars or pubs; it will make you have a fun time with friends, or romantic with your partner.


Get on their famous Cable Train and feel like a small child again, that at any moment you could fall or that the driver will lose control of the train while you see the deep-down streets passing by, it is an experience that you must live.


If you go alone, with friends or partner, you will much enjoy the city and the experiences that it offers and conquer all your senses.


And running RnR San Francisco must be on your wish list for races. Thanks a lot to my friends @blingwhore @pavementrunner @fitfam6 for making my race so fun and for fantastic pictures, follow them on IG for more adventures. please, comment, share and write me,

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