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RNR San Diego Half

RNR San Diego Half  – Race Recap

There are few races that I want to do it over and over again, Rock n Roll San Diego is one of them. This race was my 5th RNR San Diego Half

If you are wondering, or pondering running your first half marathon, this is the race to do it, if you are a seasoned half marathoner or marathoner, this is the race to have fun, enjoy a good challenge ( And yes , SD is a good challenge if the day its hot and humid) but entirely worth the effort.

Spending the weekend in downtown San Diego is super fun and beautiful there are tons of places where you can eat, walk, enjoy the beautiful weather and chill out.

But first thing first, let me tell you about RnR SD  Weekend

San Diego Rock n Roll marathon is where all started for Competitor group (Now Ironman) in 1998

; it was the first race for them, so continues to be amazing every single year. It’s a big party, and they put the best effort and resources to make this weekend enjoyable.

The expo is big and crowded, but bib pick up it is smooth even at busy hours, going to the expo is a great time to meet up with friends, try samples, and start feeling the festivities of the weekend. Also, very famous athletes are present this weekend. This year was Meb( as usual every year) and Desi Linden

As usual, I decide to run both races, the 5k on Saturday and the half on Sunday, not with a particular time or goal, merely enjoying the race and have a good time.

These two races are called the REMIX challenge, and RnR gives you an extra medal for participating in both events.

As it is a tradition I prepare my #flatrunner clothes, I wanted to have a more festive look for this race, so I choose this beautiful designs made by @plon a Mexican designer don’t you love my T-shirt ’s? And for Sunday, my mermaid pro compression sock that matches the perfectly with my T-Shirt.

I use my Tokyo Marathon Shirt for the 5k, and a Mexican inspired the design for the half marathon,

We run social hosted a big meet up on both days, with a themed compression sock that was SO cute.

You get to see you favorites runners and meet new friends, so its fun to be there Before the race starts.


Saturday race started at 7 am and Sunday full and half stars at 6:15 am.

2018 is the first year that both distances began at the same time. Usually, the marathon started 40 minutes earlier at least.

The 5k take place at Balboa Park, and it’s a rolling hills course, not complicated, and the weather was terrific. Don’t expect a beautiful route, we run through the neighborhood, but its an excellent place to spend a lovely morning, sitting on the grass after the race and has cute coffee shops.


For the Sunday Half, again there was a Hugh Meet Up, and I get to hang out with my favorites runners and friends. One of the biggest parties of the year for the running community, more than 26,000 runners reunited.


@blingwhore and @pavementrunner

@heatherrunz and @robinaustinreed

The half its again a rolling hill course, some part flat, but the most part you will have some up hills, I have run this race for five years, and I can say that the weather is a BIG factor here because SD can become a hot, humid nightmare and make the course less enjoyable.

It was the same route that last years, which I enjoy and in my opinion is the most fun and easiest for this race. I run with the Pro Compresión ambassador Crew, and it was super fun,

The last 3 miles is downhill and then flats, you run through the highway downhill, I have to confessed that I am a BIG fan of hills so for me it’s enjoyable although it’s hard if you are not well trained.

What I love most about this race is it that is not an RNR race, is a community race, all the neighbors help, go out of the street to give you donuts, drinks, candies, oranges, and sheers you all the entire course, SD people are the most supportive of the running community

The finish line is super crowded, so be prepared for spending a few minutes walking, to the meetup area, but it is in beautiful. So you have plenty of space to sit rest and eat.

The medals for this year were a guitar, and I like them.

I start the weekend in Porto Vista Hotel, has a fantastic bar and terrace that has a beautiful view of the bay and walk downtown to had a fabulous dinner at Little Italy

My gastronomic tour started on  Friday night with a wine glass at Whiskey Bar, and Saturday lunch at Puesto, Mexican food restaurant that is on the bay. We have delicious Mexican food

Sunday after the race we have a super yummy healthy breakfast at The  Cafe Gratitude      

I love food, (and wine) but also eating healthy, so these options are super useful if you enjoy the healthy yummy food.

San Diego has so many excellent places for having fun, and this race is one of the biggest, funniest, that guarantee you a great experience, so if you haven’t considered race in RnR San Diego, do it, you won’t regret it.

If you want more information or sing out for this race go to this link,      I

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