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Newton Running Shoes Technology

Newton Running Shoes Technology review

In a previous article we talk about Newton Running Shoes technology, as we review Newton Fate. Today we want to explain how these technologies work and how those are applied in their different shoes, so you can decide to which model better suit your needs.

The main characteristic of the Brand is that is as they say, “a natural running shoe technology and form” that is based on a “minimal shoe drop”, towards a natural running movement

This is a Minimalistic Shoes line– and you need to understand how their technology works, but also how you should transition to wearing them, so you can appreciate their performance and avoid injury.

My thoughts about Newton Running shoes

When I first heard about Newton, I used to think of a Brand for Triathletes, because Newton is very famous and well recognize in the Tri world, so I was keen and curious of try them for my runs.

As a full-time coach and runner, I can say that even that we “share” one sport with the Triathletes, the time that a Tri spends on their feet running, it’s significant different for the time that a runner (single sport) spends running.

Their main characteristic is that they have a very distinctive sole: like  LUG or Spikes

(yes looks like spikes for me).

All the Newtons have these lugs on the forefoot.

That put you in a more neutral position because the heel-toe drop differential is reduced–you’re not standing with an elevated heel like many other shoes on the market. You feel you are being propelled towards and even run faster. Yes, the lightness and the LUG definitely will make you “feel” faster.

Newton shoe showing the LUGS from a side prespective LUG dissected , cut, in order to appreciate the Newton Shoes Technology

Here is the “caution mark. ”

Minimalist shoes always require a long transition time. And I put the emphasis in the LONG. Depending on YOU and your unique running characteristics, it will define the time that requires.

I dare say at least an 8 weeks period. Why?

  • First, if you are like most of the people, you spend less than an hour in your running shoes every day – then you wear your dress or work shoes- So you are HIGH, with feet support   THE ENTIRE DAY
    • The muscles of your feet are weaker due that support- Your feet and legs need to adapt little by little to the different drop–or not drop at all.
    • Going from high heel to NONE or very little, it’s the fastest way to get injured. The transition should be SLOW.
    • We are talking about maxim 3 miles every other day, the first 2 weeks, then increase depending on how you feel it. But the norm it’s that we gain strength or notice physiological gains after 8 weeks of work out. So the same applies to our feet muscles.
  • Second: Newton is NOT your after-work out shoe. No, not brunching with them. Due their LUGS, you need to know that your feet and legs are in a position that are not natural FOR WALKING.  Walking and Running ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS AND HAS DIFFERENT BIOMECHANICS.
  • Third: If you wear orthotics, consult your orthopedics before, as depending of the problems that the orthotics resolve, it’s if you would be able to comfortable wearing them without injury risk.

Your ankles and calves, will feel sore after wearing them, how much depends on the time you spend on them, but also how much exercise your legs are used to do it and how strong they are.

If you have strong legs and calves, the transition will be smoother and faster.

Triathletes are used to use their legs and muscles when swimming and biking. Runners DON’T. We only make one repetitive movement.

Once clarify that…

 Newton Running Shoes technology is great for helping you to have a better running form and become faster.


Newton Running Shoes Technology, explained

Action/Reaction™ technology (The LUG)

  • provides dynamic shock absorption
  • energy return,
  • ground feel, a minimal heel-to-toe drop,
  • lightweight comfort

The lug is what makes Newton different from any other running shoe. delivers a responsive and bouncy cushioning for a much quicker transition. It comes in different variations, depending on the Point of Power (P.O. P) designations.

The Point of Power or P.O. P has different lug platforms, depending on the cushioning and responsiveness level of the shoe.

  • P.O. P 1–It features powerful lugs which deliver a high level of responsiveness. The platform has isolated and square corners for a dynamic ride. The P.O. P 1 is found in Newton’s high mileage shoes as the Distance
  • P.O. P 2–This platform features the same elastic member as the P.O. P 1, but with beveled lugs for a smoother ride. It still delivers a good amount of responsiveness, but with a more relaxed ride.- As the Newton Motion and Gravity .
  • P.O. P 3 – This platform features a more “soft” cushioned feel, like the Newton Fate

action reaction Newton Running Shoes Technology explanation showing different LUG cushion and densities for the Newton Running Shoes Technology


It is a midsole technology designed to

  • deliver a responsive, full-foot cushioning.
  • ensures a stable and smooth ride no matter the distance. T
  • This cushioning system also aims to deliver a comfortable and durable underfoot protection.


SHARC (Super High Abrasion Rubber Compound)

It is an outsole material that offers

  • Plenty of sturdiness; it withstands abrasion miles after miles.
  • SHARC also enhances a grip for a more stable running performance.
  • It remains to be flexible and lightweight.
  • This rubber material is used in some Newton running shoes like the Newton Distance and Newton Motion.



The Gravity and the Motion are their signature shoes for training. One is for Neutral and the other for stability.

 Newton Gravity–This model is ideal for training runs. Short to mid distances. The new seamless upper molds to the contours of your foot to create a soft, breathable, and snug experience. Responsive, agile and cushioned.

  • Weight: 8.7oz
  • Drop: 3.0 mm
  • POP: 2
  • Support: Neutral

gravity women in blue - Newton Running Shoes Technology gravity model in Blue


Newton Running Shoes Technology :Gravity model in black and orange

Newton Motion–It is the counter part of the Gravity.  And is under the stability category. They design it for the roads, short to mid distances with a low heel-to-toe drop. The version of the Newton Motion features a lightweight design, and it aims to give runners smooth, versatile and stable ride.

  • Weight (oz): 9.1
  • Drop: 3.0mm
  • POP: 2
  • Support: Stability

Newton Running Shoes Technology: Newton Motion 8 in black and yellow


Newton Distance–It is the lightest and fastest shoe in the Newton neutral line. This model is ideal for long-distance running and competition. It provides efficient and fast performance , it designed to Amplify responsiveness and decrease energy Loss . Ultra-Breathable Mesh, amazing for those long hot summer runs.

There is also the Distance S- With the same characteristics but for Stability.


  • Weight (oz): 7.6
  • Drop: 2.0mm
  • POP: 1
  • Support: Neutral


newton distance 8 women orange and blue - Newton Running Shoes Technology

Newton Running Shoes Technology: Distance 8S stability shoe for Men in Yellow Black

Runner Profile


As the Newton Running Shoes Technologies changes the way you step- run improving your running form, and take away pressure in your knees, as a word of caution, for us,  it’s better suited for runners who

  • Are in their ideal weight or not over 10% above your ideal weight.
    • When you are overweight your form, gate and your entire body compensate and change your form, putting a lot of pressure on your knees, so you need more protection and cushion, to avoid injuries. A minimal drop shoes is not the best option, as offers minimal cushion and protection
  • If you are in your ideal weight, doesn’t matter your pace, definitely it’s one of the best shoes to train speed and tempo runs, as definitely helps improve your running form, and will help with your efficiency and cadence
  • For speed sessions and tempo run we recommend the Gravity or Motion, and for fast long marathons the Distance, as it’s a light fast racer.
  • If you have NEVER done speed session or tempos runs,  and have time and patience,( not marathon or half in the near  future),   this is the shoe for start working in becoming faster, as when you try faster paces, your running form changes, and Newton will help you develop a better form since the beginning.

You can find the Newton Fate review here

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