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JayBird Vista wireless headphones for running. The perfect companion

JayBird Vista wireless headphones for running.

The perfect companion

Jaybird vista wireless headphone are a perfect fit for running, for an active lifestyle, and they are a sexy little thing.

They offer key components that make them the perfect companion for your runs, training, outdoor and indoor life.

For me was love at first whisper. I am adding them to my top 5 indispensable tools for my runs.

Here is why.

Look and Fit

First, this wireless Bluetooth headphones are super nice looking, besides a great quality.

Let’s be honest, looks and aesthetics are  important along with performance and practicality for our running gadgets.

They came in many cool colors, and a light portable case that can go with you wherever you go.

JayBird Vista Wireless Headphones color white JayBird Vista Wireless headphones color dust

The  Jaybird Vista wireless headphones  also fits securely, feels stable and doesn’t move at all while running.

You can jump, run, have a speed session on the track, or riding your bike, they won’t move. Period.

They provide 3 difference pods sizes, and they totally seal the external sounds.

JayBird Wista Wireless Headphone complete retail package

My recommendation it’s that you try the 3 sizes at least for 1 or better 2 40-minute training session each, so you can compare and find the one size that fits you perfectly.

With the perfect fit the Vista feels comfortable, and you can forget that you have them on your ears, if not for the music.

Always take in consideration that as with many EarPods, you need to get use to them, and at the beginning all would feel strange, try and don’t choose the first one and play with the different sizes. You maybe surprise which one feel better. I was.

They feel compact and strong. And if you sweat a lot, or rains, they are  #EARTHPROOF  against shock, dust, water, and sweat-proof IPX7 construction.

JayBird Vista Wireless Headphone being use while running and getting wet

As they said, Vista expands the horizon of your active audio experience.

Battery Life

What I like the most is that you can forget about them dying in the middle of your work out, with a Battery life at 6 hours, and 10 hours more with the charging case and 5-minute quick charge. So, you can go for a long run or a marathon with a single charge.

It take two hours for a full charge, and yet they have a great battery time.

The case it is light and easy to carry if you are planning a long training or hike of more than 6 hours and will fit on a small pocket.

JayBird Vista Wireless Headphone in a small pocket


The Jaybird Vista,  totally seal the noise, and that it’s an important feature that you need to take in consideration while training.

For one side, you can focus totally in your training and music, forgetting about the rest all the word, which is great.

You also have the option to use each pod separately, making two separate connections, so you can be aware of people or cars passing by and still listen to your music securely.

This is a great feature and having both choices, depending of where are you training its very helpful. They are a joy to ear.

One of the things that I find very helpful, it’s that I can wear them for Meditation in the middle of an office, and totally forget of my surroundings. So, they are great if you need a 5 minutes break from the world too with a compact size.

They came with a Jaybird MySound app. It lets you update firmware, locate the earbuds, save custom EQ presets, and try out other user’s sound profiles, which is very cool.

App for the headphones App for the headphones

Bluetooth connection

The connection it’s always strong and they are very easily to pair with your phone. You’re afforded 10 meters of wireless connectivity before any stutters present themselves.

For making long business phone call are not the best, as you can hear the background noise, but for a quick call are perfect.

The JayBird Vista wireless headphones with Their Cool design, Compact size,  Long Battery life, Great Sound, Outdoor proofed made them the perfect running companion.

You can find them here


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