Guiding runners to enjoy the process of reach their higher potential and integrate a healthy lifestyle into their busy life.
I seek to motivate and guide you to reach your goals and higher potential. It only takes one step at a time.
Share the knowledge
Question your paradigms, seek the knowledge and create JOY.

My Story

I have been running for 24 years, been coaching for 10 years, and spend 20 years working in the Consumer Marketing Field.
I am a social media advocate and I love to share my knowledge and experiences through these tools in an easy, accessible, and documented way.
I am fully dedicated to coaching and creating personalized training plans and running, health and mindset classes.

"I seek to motivate and guide you to reach your goals and higher potential. It only takes one step at a time"

ilya sandoval

My Values and Coaching Philosofy

Coaching philosphy

  • Documented Knowledge shared in an easy, accessible and professional way 

  • Clear expectations, ambitious goals
  • Long term vision enjoying the moment
  • The most important run is tomorrow´s

my values

Health,  Love, Travel & Knowledge


  • RRCA Level 2  Running Coach

  • USATF  Track & Field Coach
  • NSAM Personal Trainer
  • CES Corrective Excercise Specialist
  • PES Performance Enhancement Specialist 
  • ICF Mindset & Business Coach
  • More than 268 races: 25 Marathons, more than 200 half marathons
ilya sandoval



Is a Japanese design concept. It means beauty in that which is temporary or imperfect .

Like objects made by hand, like a ceramic bowl is imperfect. It is their uniqueness and imperfections that give them their beauty .

I believe that concept applies also to people.

I write, design and create all my content. This website too, and I am sure you will find little things that are imperfect.

As a none English native, writing all my content in English is a journey. 

A life journey of constant improvements, in the things that I create and in myself.

I believe that are the imperfections that make us beautiful, unique and human 

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