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How to start running easily

How to start running easily from zero to changing your life.

This is a simple guide to help you start in an amazing word of running, yes, from zero to walking, running, and changing your life.

With the overwhelming trend of “I love running” messages, there are more and more sites, groups, friends, neighbors that offer you advice on when, how much and how to run, but most likely none of them are certified to do so…

So, how do I start? You should start with the most repeated and ignored advice. Go visit your doctor and have a health checkup before you start any training plan.

There is a huge difference between starting to run being healthy and at your proper weight or with gastritis, high cholesterol and/or excess weight.  Your health NOW needs to define how you start running easily and your objectives for the sport. And the key word here is “easily”


The first steps

Running is not a team sport, it is an individual sport and even though it is now a social sport, each one has specific needs; Therefore, it’s not recommended that you follow the same training regime as your friends. You are an unique individual. With unique needs. Respect that.

Your age, gender, weight, heart rate, fitness level, natural ability and personal goals should dictate how to train, or you can over a train, get injured or just show no improvement and never get to reach your full potential. Starting with too much at the beginning, most of the time lead to depleted, boring or overwhelming feelings.

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You need to feel EMPOWERED with your training, ABLE TO DO IT EVERY DAY, not a failure because you didn’t reach the day distance, or you didn’t have time to train or feel like not in the mood.

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Finding the right coach

I recommend you look for a trainer certified by your country’s Athletic Federation. Someone who has devoted time and effort to prepare themselves and with enough experience within running, a Physical Education Degree, Sports trainer or a certified Running Coach.

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Even if you look for an online coach- Verify that has the proper experience and certification.  Being a FAST RUNNER doesn’t give you the experience to train other people with different abilities than you. Neither qualifying to Boston.

It is important to ask a lot of questions and interview him. Remember that you’re putting your health on their hands.

Ask how many years he/she has been running, how long has he/she been training runners? How many races has he/she completed? Has he/she ever completed a marathon?  What times? What are his/her personal bests for each distance? Does he/she looks like a runner or athlete? Can he/she clearly  explains you  technical or complicated running concepts? What training methods does he/she uses or its familiar with.

A sports trainers body should be like his/her business card. Credibility is very important. The more years a person has spent training RECREATIONAL runners the better. There is a BIG difference in how to train semi pro or pro athletes than RECREATION RUNNERS.

Harvard University standards for considering someone an “expert” on any given field require that person to spend at least 10,000 hours learning or practicing its craft. That’s the equivalent of 4/5 years.

And most important, does this person knows what questions to ask? Remember that YOU are the star of this project.

Your goals

1.Basic things you need to know are: YOUR Why’s.

Ask and respond yourself the same question at least 4 times, finding the “Hidden MOTIVE” of your goals will keep you accountable in hard times.

Why do you want  to start running?

  • To lose weight.
  • Because you want to take part in a race?
  • Because your significant other runs and you want to try it out?
    • What is your REAL motivation to do it? Those answers are the first layer of a goal. Dig deep

2.Start SLOW and increase

Running requires good fitness and aerobic capabilities that only comes with exercising. It’s important to start slow.

If you have never been active before is not realistic to exercise 60 minutes per day, seven days a week. Start by walking 10/20 minutes every day. The important thing is to generate endorphins to keep you feeling good and establish a daily routine. That takes time.

The first step in a healthy lifestyle and running life its consistency. NO time or mileages.

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You should set a minimum daily goal that you’ll be able to meet regardless if you are tired or not, if you have a busy life or even when you are sick.  Can you commit yourself to walk every single day for 15 minutes? That’s an ACHIEVABLE POWERFUL GOAL

Yes, that first goal must be So easy that will make you laugh.

Even if it is only a 10-minute walk EVERY DAY COUNTS

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If you can manage only 5 minutes it also counts. A lower goal that you’ll be able to meet every day (no excuses) is much better that a higher goal that you’ll only be able to meet sometimes. The important thing is to build a routine, you can increase time or miles later.

In exercise as in life EVERYTHING COUNTS, even if it is only a minute exercising.

3.Create a night routine for start running easily 

    • The day before always–always prepare your walking/ running clothes- That send a powerful message to your brain that you are  committed to you.
    • Set one alarm that says: “Walk” “Run” “Exercise” it’s an appointment in the calendar with yourself.
    • Have a walking /running calendar. NOT DIGITAL. After exercising mark your calendar with “DONE” or an “X”, put that calendar in a visible place.

night clothes preparation


When you hesitate no more about going for your daily walk, and you don’t even get tired anymore, (15 TO 20 DAYS)  mix runs, run for 1 or 2 minutes followed by a 5 to ten-minute walk, repeat the drill until you reach 20- 30 minutes. The most common mistake a novice runner makes its over training. We do not achieve fitness overnight, and it’s common for a beginner to always run as fast as possible when you train in a group.

80% of the time you should be within 50/60% of your maximum heart rate. At that range is where your fitness increases allowing you to run more and better. If you don’t have a heart rate watch, you need to talk without losing air while running.


    1. Once you established an exercise routine, and you mix walks and runs, decide that you enjoy running, then decide your priority investment, the one tool that need to be a great quality it’s your RUNNING SHOES. Understand that I say a good quality, not the fanciest shoes.  Go to your local shoe store and get advice based on your feet type.
    2. Hire a coach or buy an personalize online training plan
    3. If you can’t afford a trainer, the most important piece of equipment you should invest on its a wrist Heart Rate Monitor. Choose that over shoes at the beginning if you can’t afford both

But wait until you are sure that you enjoy RUNNING.

Things to take in consideration 

  • If you are new to the sport, please don’t do  speed workouts, Repetitions, fartlek, tempo runs, or anything similar. Wait at least 4- 6 months of continuous running to incorporate more sophisticated trainings. That guarantee you an injury free start
  • The first two goals of a newbie runner should be  CONSISTENCY FIRST, then increase miles.  Once you have 2-3 weeks of running at least 3 miles 4 times a week, you can increase the mile, not over 10% each week.
  • Enjoy running at your own pace, on your own time and with no pressure. The first thing you have to do is build your fitness and cardiopulmonary capabilities.
  • Pushing your body beyond your limits will only result in early injuries.
  • A good time to increase your mileage it’s when you can run 1 mile nonstop, then you can run between 2/3 miles per day, mix it with walking until you can run 2 miles nonstop.
  • From then on increase from 2 to 3 miles, during each training you should feel you are doing an effort, but NOT feel exhausted afterwards, during this stage you are building up your fitness.
  • After 4/5 months running you’ll be able to add on more sophisticated training routines.
  • Your body it’s a wonderful piece of machinery, don’t try forcing it to build up your fitness, lose weight, get abs or whatever overnight. Because that’ll only result in feeling too tired or injuring yourself. Running takes a big effort but it shouldn’t hurt, if it does, you are doing something wrong.
  • If you are over 20 pounds overweight, we recommend it you do not run over 6 miles until you lose those extra pounds.
  • The additional mileage combined with excess weight can be harmful to your knees. Start slow and enjoy running for many years as you grow stronger.

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