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How competitive are you?

How competitive are you? Runner’s Average Times per Age group


Comparisons are inevitable, are part of our everyday life. It’s part of our nature. So it is better to understand how we can make constructive comparison, that help us to become better.

We are amaze as how fast the elite runners ran, but most of the time, we forget that we are not elite, training as a full job, but merely recreational.  That it’s a great accomplishment per se.

In Running, it’s very common to ask for people their race times, and in Road Racing there are very clear standards.

For every day , amateur’s runners we have enough information to set clear goals and understand how our performance can be measure and compare.

How to compare yourself and with who.

Always compare yourself with your gender and age group. Other than that, you’re kidding yourself.

I am sharing with you the World Records and the qualifying Olympics standards for elite runners for fun purposes. The most important are the tables that shows the average times in each distance by age and gender. That is where you can compare your performance to the average runner times-

I use this time to set realistic goal with my athletes

Remember that only

  • 10% of the runners are considered World Class
  •  20% are considered elite or Competitive, what we call National Class.
  • The rest we are recreational.

How competitive are you?

Are you above or below average in your gender and age group?

That is the first step to become a better runner. Understanding where you are with a same group.

Then you can start adding more goals

If you are a middle of the pack runner, then you could decide that want to be in the top 40 of your age group, once you achieved this,, you can start thinking on moving up to the lather with more ambitious goals

Being at the top  10/20 of your age and gender will required more training and  more discipline from your part.

Remember that as a recreational runner you have different factors that can influence your recovery and performance.

  • Traffic and commute times
  • Work Stress
  • A Full time job
  • less than ideal eating
  • social drinking
  • poor sleeping habits
  • a general training plan vs a personalized one.
  • not enough time for training

Runner’s Average Times per Age group

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Every time that you set a Time Goal, check the times of your gender and age group and adjust accordingly.

Remember that the goal has to be a challenge , be optimistic , yet realistic. The most time you have for training, the farther the Race date, you could be more optimistic and ambitious.

These statistics were provided by USA Running and 

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