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Happy Runner Book – Are you one ?

Happy Runner Book Review 

Have you ever felt unmotivated, overwhelmed, not good enough, not fast enough, not fit or constant enough in your running journey?

I should try harder, farther, often. I should run a marathon, or 2, or 20 faster, bigger, bolder. Don’t give up!- Mind over matter, right?

We also heard in social media, running groups or friends, how amazing everyone else running journey is, that we feel inadequate when ours is not like that.  The: Oh, today was an easy day just a 7-minute mile post, or, just a short 10 miler, I train 6 days a week.

But most likely, doesn’t matter in which stage of your running journey you are, newbie or seasoned, recreational or elite, we are our hardest critics.

Everyone wants to MOTIVATE other people, but motivation and happiness will always start from within.

So, reading the Happy Runner was like a breath of fresh air in the middle of so much noise about motivation and training.

This book is in my TOP 20 books for Runners.

There is just one truth: “Every Runner has the same finish line: Death.”.

This is how the Happy runner book starts, and I love it because it’s REAL. Being a lifelong runner means making friends with our own fragility, as authors Megan and David Roche said.

Both Megan and David are elite trail runners. Megan is a 4 time USA national trail champion, The north American mountain running champion, and a six time member of team USA.

David is a Coach of some top trail runners in the world, He is a two time USA national champion, a three time member of team USA and a contributing editor of Trail Runner Magazine.

Happy Runner Book is full of wisdom gems, and some key ideas are, (as we do not want to spoil the entire book):

Dare to ask WHY and finding your deepest WHY.

Digging deep in to WHY your run will give you inspiration to embrace the process and understanding yourself better.

The Happy Runner teaches athletes how to create a long-term relationship with running. This begins with creating your ‘why’ or reason you run, but “breakdown without a purpose just becomes self-destruction.” Once you know your why, you can get faster with the purposeful running.

Creating Magic in everyday simplicity.

Running its repetitive, mundane. We must learn to embrace and be grateful for the simple sings and not only the BIG wins.

Sleeping and smiling are performance enhancers.

Sleep, people! It’s key to performance; you can cheat your mind, but you can not cheat your body.

Let go to believe

Letting go isn’t just for technical descents. Accept what it is and let GO and let GOD

Stress is stress

The body doesn’t recognize miles, recognize stress. Running and life cause stress in our bodies. Understanding how to manage stress, its key for a happy runner.

Persistent Belief

In life we will fail, and big time, no matter what you do, and there is only one antidote to that persistent, resilient, a stubborn belief.

Running sucks sometimes

like any relationship can suck, so can a relationship with running. The book teaches runners how to deal with the suck.

Kindness, enthusiasm and belief make your dreams possible.

But everything starts with yourself!

Easy is not a pace

Just like process triumphs results, effort trumps pace. How something feels is more important than the number on the watch. The book explains how often we should run at an easy effort and what that means in the big picture for long-term running happiness.

“There is only one finish line, and it’s not a race.”

Running is just like life. The highs come with the lows, so embrace the suck and enjoy the grind.

As hard and ironic as it sounds, “You live, you love, you run, and you die,”.

The conclusion it´s the Happy Runner Book it´s a gem that has to be in every ones library. 

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