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Fitbit Inspire – Fitness and Lifestyle Tracker

Fitbit Inspire- Learning everything about lifestyle trackers

Today I will talk about  the Fitbit fitness and lifestyle tracker  which is one of the best brands of what we know as Fitness Trackers

And the first thing we must keep in mind is the difference between a fitness tracker, or Physiometer, a Smart watch and a sports watch.

 We always must compare pears with pears and apples with apples so we make intelligent and informed choices at the time of invest our money in technology and gadgets.

What is a fitness tracker?

  • fitness tracker is a device that accompanies us 24/7, even for sleeping, and its main advantage is that it keeps us accountable and motivated when we are starting a healthier lifestyle change.

FitBit Inspire

Fitbit Charge 3

What is a smart watch?

  • Smart watch, it is a social watch, that keeps us communicated, we have the most advanced social technology, games, emails, social networks, music etc.
FitBit Versa 2


What is a sport watch?

  • Sports watch whose main function is to monitor  a sport specific performance or multi sports and is highly specialized, not only has a heart rate monitor and GPS, but also metrics that required a much more advanced level of knowledge in the sport to guide us and monitor our trainings and performance in a sport

Many brands mix one or another feature and technology, so sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the best watch for our goals and our lifestyle


Fitbit Inspire with Heart Monitor.

 I have been using it for 3 months now, and the first thing that catches my attention is that it is noticeably lighter and thinner than other fitness trackers on the market.

Aesthetically speaking it is exquisite, simple and modern, it goes well with everything and takes you from the gym to work, to dinner and to sleep perfectly.

Silicone bands come with it by default, but you can upgrade to a variety of other straps if you are looking for a more formal, casual or different look and combine it with your clothes or occasion. And looks awesome in both Mens and Womens. 

Once you get familiar with it is very  simple to use, all you need  is to swipe the  screen. It will show your statistics for the day, or find the activities you want to monitor

It is a black and white screen, which is not a problem for the statistics you will see on the screen. If the sun sets directly, it will take you a little work to see it, but nothing that difficult

The Fitbit Inspire HR has a lot of basic functions to track your physical condition, such a

  • Tracking daily steps – has a GPS connection, bring your cell phone to use it, so if you are one of those you run or go to the gym with the cell phone you will not have any problems, and it has the heart rate monitor. Includes over 15 exercise modes. I use it 24-7, and monitor my running with it, it shows distance, pace, average pace, heart rate, calories burned, steps and time through a series of menus easy to navigate.

  • Sleep tracking. These are not in-depth data like what you would get from a dedicated sleep tracker, but it is enough to be worth using at night.

In my tests I found it accurate as I would expect it to be an exercise tracker used around your wrist, but the most important thing is that it made me much more aware of the number of hours I sleep each day, how long I take to fall asleep and deep sleep versus REM. And the hours I was awake or restless all night.

It will also divide your night into Sleep Stages to give you an idea of ​​whether you have a condition, such as sleep apnea.

The application also has quick shortcuts to see like messages, calories burn, hours of moving per day, and your resting heart rate.

If you have a Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale, that data can also appear here in the application and you can record your water and calorie consumption also if you want an even wider picture of your health.

  • Social Challenges If you have a competitive spirit, in terms of exercises, you can set up challenges, and you can also add family and friends to share their statistics.

  • Period As a woman, you can keep track of your period and symptoms, also when you ovulate and additional comments.   It should also help give you a clear idea of ​​how this can affect your training plan.

  • Guided breathing Fitbit allows the user to perform guided breathing exercises.   Reduce stress and calm down. Its operation is very simple and is controlled through the activity bracelet. We can choose between sessions of 2 minutes (if we are in a hurry) or 5 minutes. At the end of the session, the monitor will show us a series of related statistics: if we have correctly followed the instructions, heart rate at the beginning and at the end, how many days we have done the breathing sessions.

  • setting daily goals. Initially it is set up for you to reach out 10,000 steps a day. We can customize this goal: change the number of steps or set a certain distance, minutes or calories burned.

  • Activity per Hour it encourages us to try to be active throughout the day and make at least 250 steps per hour. In fact, if we do not take those 250 steps, we will receive a warning in the form of vibration so we do not forget. Once we accomplish it, the monitor will vibrate again and, on the screen, we will see a small congratulation.

One of the things I liked, and I found it practical is Fitbit Inspire HR allows us to record our daily activity in a very detailed way and realize where we are failing or improving. Also has a very detail week overview 

 Fitbit tries to remind you it is there. It will remind you if you’ve been sitting too long, and you can set several alarms. The bracelet will vibrate and push you to move.

The battery life of four to five days, and charges super-fast, which is perfect, so you do not miss any steps.

The iOS app is very simple and friendly and sends you a email summary of all your statistics, which is quite motivating.

I keep him, and I use it 24 hours a day, regardless of the use I give it to my Garmin. For me they complement each other well, and allows me to make comparisons

If you are very technical for your workouts, it does not have advanced settings, but the features that we already mentioned make a perfect complement for a sports watch, which you rarely wear all day, or it is very uncomfortable to sleep with it.

And if you are more amateur or less obsessive with details, it is perfect to keep you accountable and healthy, additional it is an elegant, versatile accessory and looks great quality and taste.

So, try it and see it for yourself.

you can find it here

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