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BOCCO AT4, a light trainer for trails


A light trainer  for trails

We review the BOCCO AT4 Trail, a great Trail running  shoe, and as we said a light trainer , we talk about their main technologies and benefits, and the runner profile.

This shoe is great for those who want to incorporate trail running into their lifestyle. It helps you begin your running journey at the trails.

If you haven’t read our previews Newton shoes reviews,  important to emphasize that the main characteristic of the brand is the least drop that handles less than 4.5 mm and up to only 2mm.

This decreases the tendency to fall with the heel part, reducing the impact on the ankle-knee-hip.


Newton Running Shoes Technology

The Newton’s main technology is the Action/Reaction™ technology (The LUG).

  • Provides dynamic shock absorption
  • Energy return
  • Ground feel, a minimal heel-to-toe drop,
  • Lightweight comfort

The “log” is what makes Newton different from any other running shoe.


  • Delivers a responsive and bouncy cushioning for a much quicker transition.
  • It comes in different variations, depending on the Point of Power (P.O. P) designations.

The TUG technology explain in picturesNewton TUG technology view of a cut shoe

If you are used to running in regular running shoes, the sensation that the  BOCCO AT4 Trail, causes its different.

  • At the beginning, it is of crucial importance to give time and short miles to our process of adaptation to this shoe, which it can vary from person to person.

The BOCCO AT4 Trail, is a shoe for TRAIL RUNNING (mountain dirt, trail, etc.), considered for NEUTRAL runners and low technical terrains.

BOCCO AT4 Trail shoe in red


It is VERY important to emphasize that for TRAIL RUNNING, the most relevant factors for shoe selection are as follows:

  • RUNNERS WEIGHT: Due the terrain irregularities and different surfaces that trails have, cushioning and support are essential in a trail shoe.
    • The closer to your ideal weight you are, the less support you need. Cushioning and support for impact absorption and rigidity for lateral movements is essential in trail running shoes.
  • TYPE OF TERRAIN: We can have a huge variety of surfaces, from sand, gravel, mud, rocks, etc., and also temperatures and external agents: water, snow, etc..
    • We have to be prepared for the most extreme scenarios that we will meet on our route.  So the characteristics of the shoes like  the traction, impact protection, and waterproofing will depend of the terrain that we are running, and be sure we have the protection against low temperatures and the terrain
  • Arch type and running gait are not as important, as we do not have that repetitive movements on the trail.

The BOCCO AT4 Trail , is perfect for runners of medium to small structure, since it is a shoe with light cushioning and flexible.

BOCCO AT4 Trail womens

This shoe can be used on a wide variety of terrain, from gravel to rocky, since it has a good level of traction, however, on aggressive routes, or very technical,  doesn’t offer the higher protection needed.

It’s not waterproofing, so if it get water and muddy, you will get soaked an may cause you blisters.

Also, as its light do not offer great protection for cold temperatures.

A light and fast runner will enjoy a comfortable fit, lightness and good traction.  Half Marathons and mid distance trainings will be fun in this shoe, if running in a low- mid technical terrain.

BOCCO AT4 Trail Characteristics


The sole is responsible for durability and traction, and in this case, for a remarkable component of Newton technology.

As you can see, in the metatarsal zone we have a “bump” that allows us to have a minimum contact area, which at the same time serves as an impulse platform for the next step.

The flex grooves favor the continuous and centered movement of the foot. The design of the sole rugged to have good traction, small triangles on the back have a suitable angle for controlling steep descents.


Incorporates cushion and stability technologies. THE BOCO AT 4 uses its own material: NEWTONIUM, a high resilience polyurethane that provides energy return and damping.

Although not visible, it has two damping sections, one in the heel, and another in the metatarsal part, the drop of this shoe is 3 mm, which will make a period of adaptation necessary if you are not familiar with this geometry.



  • Change,

BOCCO AT4 Trail pink and blue for womens

For this version, they use light materials for good breathability, resistance to external friction and lightness, giving it a cleaner and more dynamic appearance.

it has reinforcement in the toe and heel. It has areas with slight water / dust / mud repellency, capable of withstanding a light rain.


  • Recommended for training and racing in all-terrain low technical situations.
  • Very suitable for light to medium runners, with technique and speed developed for such situations. We reiterate the need for familiarity with the drop.


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