Values. A story about Exercise, Diet, commitment, values, and Michelle Obama. It was love at first sight. My ex-husband introduced […]

Running before Social Media

Think for a moment. How was Running before social media? In my opinion? Tough man heaven for introverts. Have you […]

Running and Depression

Running and Depression

When running become an addition and we hide our depression with running How running and depression are related. Let me […]

Training Intensities

What are the key elements of a training plan? Training Intensities ¡ The key elements of a great training plan […]

How to start running easily

How to start running easily from zero to changing your life. This is a simple guide to help you start […]

How competitive are you?

Comparisons are inevitable, are part of our everyday life. It’s part of our nature. So it is better to understand how we can make constructive comparison, that help us to become better.