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Asics Nimbus 19

Asics Nimbus 19- Shoe Review

What can I say about the Nimbus 19, the most famous and one of the TOP of the line of Asics. And yes, top in technology and in price.

My story with the Nimbus

Well, first of all, they have been my faithful companions for 7 years.

They’re definitely one of my favorite tennis shoes, and have always been one of the most popular from Asics, for many reasons.

This was my first pair… Love at first try….

First, let me tell you that for many years I have stopped obsessing over just one line of footwear, or a specific tennis shoe, because as the popularity of running increased, many more brands, prices and qualities of clothing and footwear have come up.

But there has also been an imperative need to always do something new in each version of footwear launched each season, so the brands entered in a fierce competition and don’t always get it right with the updates of their TOP tennis.

So marrying to a single model is often counterproductive, and can ruin our training if it gets discontinued, or they improve the version and then we no longer “like it”.

It’s advisable, if you can afford it, to have at least 2 pairs of different footwear and switch them, one for short distances or speed, and one for long distances.

I use Nimbus since its 13 version, and it was the shoe that made me fall in love almost permanently with Asics.

It’s my base brand of running tennis, although I am always on the look to try new tennis and technologies. Besides, I have an obsession with tennis shoes, so I have a huge collection.

Main Characteristics 


They’re the most “padded” tennis of the whole line. And they definitely feel soft, and with high cushioning, like you’re walking through clouds with this new version.

For me, version 19 is the BEST one they’ve had.

Why? I’ll explain it to you here:

I haven’t listed all the technologies they use, but I’ll explain the ones I consider most important and representative of this new version.


The Flyte Foam midsole technology provides better protection and response, meaning you feel “faster and lighter” when running. And in theory they’re much more lasting.

They definitely weigh less than the previous versions, and this is pretty good since most of the tennis with high cushioning are much heavier.

The high cushioning is functional, if you are very large or very heavy, or if you run many miles, let’s say more than 200 km- 130 miles a month, and they protect you from the impact on your knees. So they can be your training tennis and also the ones you use to run a marathon.

They offer excellent support to the arch of the foot. And they also have the “Gel Cushioning System” technology used to attenuate the impact when you step on and take off the foot again.


The outsole of the foot (the back of the heel) uses a plastic that is very resistant to wear (AHAR High Abrasion  Rubber) and impacts, and helps keep the heel firm, while increasing the flexibility of the outsole when running.

It also has a much firmer grip (WET GRIP), which prevents slipping on any surface, including wet.

Something important is that Asics developed its PLUS 3 technology, which adds an additional 3 millimeters in the heel, which helps a lot if you have problems in the Achilles heel.

Something important is that he drop (height) between the male and female versions is different, some men have complained that they don’t feel them as comfortable and padded as the previous versions, maybe because of this, but it must be definitely proved, if you come of brands like Nike or Adidas, you won’t feel the difference, but you will feel a much greater cushioning.

If you come from previous versions, maybe you’ll notice the change.

In women the change is extremely favorable, especially if you’re of those who wear high heels. It will help you not to injure (although, NOT to wear very high heels helps you even more) especially when you run many km monthly (more than 200).


This is where most changes are noticed, both in technology and in aesthetics.

A characteristic that I loved was that, when you put on the tennis, it feels like they’re hugging your foot, they feel like a glove, they wrap them in a gentle way (Comfort Dry Sockliner) and having eliminated the internal seams, it’s very rare when you get blisters. I have used them without socks for short distances during hot hours without problem.

Now, you have to be very careful when choosing the size, the new construction that “embraces” makes them much narrower and tight.

I usually buy tennis in a size bigger than my normal shoes, and this time I had to raise half a number up, so you have to try them on.

Something, we maybe don’t pay much attention to, are the laces, but the way we fasten our shoes, and how strong or soft we tie them, can be the difference between pain and discomfort when running, or the swelling of our feet, etc.

The new version comes with flexible or lycra shoelaces, allowing you to adjust them perfectly, please DO NOT choke your foot when tying them, you have to feel the tennis firm but not tight.

For all of this, in my opinion, the NIMBUS 19 are a basic tennis for marathon runners, a MUST in your collection, and in general the fit most runners and feel excellent.

The best update of Asics in my opinion until today.

Asics always has special edition version, this one are some of my favorites.


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