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Asics Gel Kayano 26

ASICS GEL KAYANO 26, a running classic – Shoe review

its main technologies, benefits and user profile.

The Asics Gel  Kayano 26, is  a STABILITY shoe,  and it HELPS to control the pronator movement (that is, when the feet  “rolls” inwards), either by having an overpronation, or for training long distances, understanding that after 10 Miles, most of neutral runners, because of fatigue, begin to overpronate.

We want, more than talk about technologies, how these technologies work in runners favor.

Asics Gel Kayano 25 pink color picture

Asics Gel Kayano 26 OUTSOLE:

As you know, the sole is built  for durability and traction, and is an important contribution of the total footwear weight.

The main difference from version 26 to the previous ones, is the change of the guide along the sole, which now ends before the metatarsals, when previously  ended at the front of the shoe.

At the middle of the shoe, between the heel and the front, the “stability bridge” contributes to the overall stability.

 The material used in high wear areas remains an abrasion resistant rubber, guarantying a long life.


 Incorporates cushioning and stability technologies.

  • For greater shock absorption, there are a high volume of Asics Gel below the heel, and other hidden in the metatarsal area.
  • For energy return, they use the Flyte Foam Propel, and it is located closer to the outsole,
  • For impact absorption and lightness  Asics uses Flyte Foam Lyte, it is in the section closest to the foot.
  • The stability component is located into  de midsole internal side, from the heel to the arch, (versions 24 and earlier) the “DYNAMIC DUOMAX” was used, gradual support to the pronator turn, however, since version 25 they changed to “DUOMAX”, stiffer.
  • It has 10 mm “drop” for men’s shoes and 13mm for women.



  • For the KAYANO 26,  The mesh design has being  improved , getting better ventilation and adjustment areas, and maintaining the reinforcement in the toe.
  • It has the heel counter “METACLUTCH” that was previously used in the 24th   version , which gives greater stability to the heel.
  • In the heels “collar” continues the use “memory foam” for a secure fit, a little less than the previous versions, but still comfortable enough to get a nice feel.
  • The interiors have good finishes and its insole with arch support is made an “open cell” polyurethane foam for breathability.

Asics Gel Kayano – indication for use and runner profile

As we mentioned at the beginning, the GEL KAYANO 26 is a “STABILITY” footwear with good cushioning and a good sense of energy return, and now 25 grams less than in the previous version. It is a good training shoe for people of medium to a large structure 155-220lbs (70-100Kg) for men, 110-170 (50-75Kg) for women.

Recommended for medium to long distances, at 7 to 10:00 min/Mi. approx. paces. For those runners with light to medium pronation, for neutral runners´ long distances, and for those who have unstable ankles.

It is a very good option for medium and long training, even for halfs and marathons where you are not so into a new PR.

As we said before. This shoes has been in the market for decades and has become a classic reliable shoe , that I recommend every runner should try . 

One of the things that I personally like it´s that even when it is for overpronators, which I am not, for long distances, when I use it help me to maintain a good form even when i am tired  after more than 2 hours of running. 

I had the opportunity to try in one of specialized  Asics boutique their computerize impact measured system  that shows where your feet it´s landing and I was quite impressed with the shoe ability to maintain my running form  

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