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80% of the runners will ignore this advice

80% of the runners will ignore this advice

Do you want to know what is it?

Train at different intensities

As simple as that.


80% of the runners, mostly recreational runners have an underdeveloped aerobic system because most people don’t train with a coach, but by themselves, and you start running too fast too soon, and always train at moderately hard intensity.

Fast is relative, remember. If You usually train at a moderately hard intensity for a prolonged time is not helpful to develop either your aerobic or anaerobic system.

Many coaches called the mediocre zone. I do.


Running slow is a myth, well, more than a myth, a term that has been poorly used it.

Let’s get real; If you are not Eliud Kipchoge, you are slow.


Slow is a relative term.

In training, we are looking to work out or run at different intensities to stress our body and create physiological changes.

When we are looking to become more efficient as runners, we need to develop two systems.

Our aerobic system and our anaerobic system. ( aerobic means oxygen and anaerobic without oxygen).

The type of workouts needed to develop each system are totally different

To develop your aerobic system, you cannot go beyond 65%-70% of your max HR.

In very simple terms, This is achieved in zone two and the lower side of zone 3. And you can stay longer in these zones.

In an EFFORD SCALE, This would be between a 4-6 efford

To develop our anaerobic system, we need to train in zones 3 and 4 at a higher intensity and less time.

The longer you have to train in that zone. upper zone 3, the longer will take for your body to recover and develop an adequate and strong aerobic system.

Overtrained means… Poor performance and slow recovery

Because you have overtrained your body, it is not recovering correctly. If you add the everyday stress and less than 7 hours of sleep, your cortisol level increases, your stress level increases, you feel tired, then unmotivated, and you wonder why you are not “feeling it anymore.”

Training in zone 2 feels tough at the beginning, as you will find out that to stay in the zone, you need to stop running and many times start walking until you go back to zone 2.

This zone not only develops your aerobic capacity but your mental toughness and patience.

Suppose you are whining about it. You are weak.

As the days pass and your body recovers, you will start looking forward to your easy runs, as you will feel strong and refreshed after doing them, and you will start enjoying them more and more.

And once you start seeing progress, you will know that you can stay in zone 2 at faster paces.

How long will it take to increase aerobic capacity?

Generally between 8-12 weeks, of only running in zone 2 no more than 5miles no more than five days a week.

Trust me. If you are overtrained, On the first days, you will not be able to stay in zone 2 for more than 3 miles.

Maybe less. That is a clear sign that your body is under a lot of stress and not recovering correctly.

Simply walk. Try to listen to classical music, slow romantic music, or a podcast or an audiobook. Or without music, so you can listen to your breath and footsteps, as we discussed before, this will help you know how to pace yourself later for faster paces.

So, we already know that 80% of the runners will ignore this advice,  Are you one of them?

This is the effort scale that I used with my athletes, and you can check on Garmin  the HR Zones 

running efford

Try it and share your experience with me, and if you have questions, send me a DM or email.

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